2 kg boxes
195 boxes per pallet
Net: 2,0
Brutto: 2,5
his box is used for air shipment of ataulfo

4 kg boxes
Sizes: 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12/14
252 boxes per pallet
5544 pallets per container
Net: 4,0
Brutto: 4,3
this box is used for sea shipments of tommy, knet, keit, and palmer. Argofruta owns different brands such as Argo and Luca.

6 kg bixes
Sizes: 8/9/10/12
88 boxes per pallet
Net: 6,0
Brutto: 6,5
this box is usually laoded for air shipments of kent, keit, red moon and palmer


Flavor: Sweet and creamy
Texture: Smooth, firm flesh with no fibers
Color: Vibrant yellow
Shape: Small, flattened oval shape
Ripening Cues: Skin turns to a deep golden color and small wrinkles appear when fully ripe.

Flavor: Mildly and sweet
Texture: Firm flesh due to fibers throughout
Color: A dark red blush often covers much of the fruit with green and orange-yellow accents
Shape: Medium to large with oval or oblong shape
Ripening Cues: This mango may not provide any visual cues.

Flavor: mild and aromatic flavored
Texture: firm flesh with no fibers
Color: can range from purple to red to yellow skin. The flesh is orange-yellow.
Shape: an oblong shape
Ripening Cues: Skin turns to red and texture is softer.

Flavor: Sweet and rich
Texture: Juicy, tender flesh with no fiber
Color: Dark green and often has a dark red blush over a small portion of the mango. It will usually turn a greenish-yellow color with some red blush as it matures.
Shape: Large oval shape
Ripening Cues: Kents have yellow undertones or dots that cover more of the mango as it ripens.

Flavor: Sweet and fruity
Texture: Firm, juicy flesh with no fiber
Color: Dark to medium green, sometimes with a pink blush over a small portion of the mango
Shape: Large oval shape
Ripening Cues: Skin stays green even when ripe.



  • USA
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Russia

The logistic is highly controlled from the origin to the final destination, guaranteeing the quality up to delivery of the goods and total traceability from the fruit – from the field to the your warehouse. Attending to diferent markets and requirements, ARGO today is a reference for the customers who wants to get the right partner.


Located 5km from the city center of Petrolina, is the heart of our operation: a modern packing house of 8.000m² where we can centralize the mango processing for export to all countries and the whole operation for local market. The packing house is equipped with modern technology and new machinery.

The mango operation is strategic located in the São Francisco valley, where 90% of the mango production in Brazil is.

Known by the high quality of its products, modernity  and efficiency, our packing house attends to the various protocols and certifications, nationally and internationally.

We have a modern quality and traceability system that allow us to trace the fruit from the begining of the chain until the end. Our customers also have access to all traceability and quality information.

  • Petrolina – Pernambuco


Our fiberless season is concentrated from July until December. Kent and keit are usually harvested from september to December. On tommy and palmer, we have availability all year around.