Business Structure

Core Values

Our mission is to meet the consumption needs of our customers with maximum flexibility and dynamism and providing returns to shareholders.
Be increasingly efficient in the value chain and be a reference for our customers as the best option for the supply of the products that we offer.
  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Dynamism
  • Lightness
  • Efficiency
The heart of our operation is located 5km from the city center of Petrolina: a modern packing house of 8.000m² where we can centralize the mango processing for export to all countries and the whole operation for local market. The packing house is equipped with modern technology and new machinery.

The structure is strategic located in the São Francisco valley, where 90% of the mango production in Brazil is.

Known by the high quality of its products and efficiency in fulfilling its commercial requirements , our packing house attends to the various protocols and certifications, nationally and internationally, such as Global Gap, Grasp, HAACP ,Tesco, Fairtrade, BSCI, Sedex, SMETA, Field to Fork.

There are about 170 fixed employees and benefiting and during the season, the company absorb more 400 seasonal workers from the community, beneffiting the whole local economy.

In Iaçu is located a model farm of limes and mangoes. Fazenda Santa Cruz is the first farm Fairtrade certificated under “hired labours standard” in Brazil. The mango production is transported to Petrolina to be packed in the packing house, and the limes is processed in the Fazenda Santa Cruz, where we have a packing house for limes.

The farm is a model of business sustainability and follow all international standards for quality and security.

500 km away from Santos Harbour, there is the most important area of citrus in Brazil – for limes and oranges: the area involves the cities Itajobi, Nova Cardoso and Marapoama. Argofruta operates with long term partnerships, what gives us good flexibility to offer requested volume, sizes breakdown and offer the fruit 52 weeks per year.

In the Brazilian most populous city, we have our head office, where all financial and commercial operations are centralized.

Argofruta is always looking for new opportunities to increase our supply capacity and attend to our commitment with our clients.


  • Argofruta’s foundation: André Briso assumes as CEO and Daniel Briso as Commercial Manager.
  • The Company opens its São Paulo office.

  • Daniel Briso conducts changes in corporate policies regarding financial structure, and the Company begins to grow rapidly.
  • André Briso retires, and Daniel Briso conducts a management buyout, acquiring 100% of the Company and becoming CEO

  • Argofruta becomes the second largest Brazilian exporter of Limes

  • Argofruta becomes part of Total Produce group

  • Packing house is completely renovated with top technology in machinery and processes
  • Argofruta Foundation is incorporated

Packing House